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Welcome to 6D Research Foundation - Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow. Discover a world where innovation, education, and sustainability converge. 6D is your gateway to a brighter future, powered by emerging Digital Technologies. Join us in incubating sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world. Explore our sustainable education and skill development initiatives, forged through strategic partnerships with industry, research and academia.


Our collaborations include leaders like Bharat Biotech, University of Wisconsin Madison, Carnegie Mellon University, CSIR, Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), GRG Institutions, Tiny Earth etc... 


Together, we're reimagining Learning and co-creating the competencies for tomorrow.

Join the 6D ecosystem, where problem-solving knows no boundaries, and together, we shape a sustainable tomorrow.

6D Varsity Logo

6D.Varsity, a neo-gen Institution responsible for the Future of Planet Earth.

Our commitment to establishing a flagship academic and research institution from India.

Partnered Curriculum

Global Academic, Industry & Research Partners

Work/Lab Centric Curriculum


Sustainable Free Education Initiative

Previously "Ask Anjlee Academy" (2020-23)

6D.School is where young minds become tomorrow's innovators and leaders. Designed for individuals under 18, 6D.School is a hub of innovation and problem-solving. Join us in nurturing the skills and creativity needed to tackle today's challenges and build a brighter future. Discover your potential at 6D.School, where innovation knows no age limits.

SOIL - School of Innovation and Leadership (between 2020-23)

6D.School = Ask Anjlee + SOIL

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At 6D.Research, our mission is to be at the forefront of incubating a sustainable tomorrow. We are dedicated to fostering a world where talent, industry, and society align seamlessly. Through the right blend of education, skills, and competency, we aim to create a sustainable planet that thrives on innovation, knowledge, and ethical practices. Our commitment to this mission drives us to collaborate with industry leaders, develop cutting-edge educational initiatives, and empower individuals to become the architects of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Managing Director - Ms.Usha Sripathineni


Managing Director

Founder , Chairman- Mr.Srikanth Talluri


Founder, Chairman

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Our Super Problem Solvers


Our vision at 6D.Research is to pave the way for a sustainable future, where innovation, education, and sustainability intersect seamlessly. We aspire to be the catalyst that empowers individuals, industries, and communities to collaboratively build a world where prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility coexist harmoniously. Our commitment to incubating sustainable solutions drives our relentless pursuit of knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and partnerships that propel us towards this vision of a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

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